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Thursday, February 20, 2020

John Deere AutoTrac Turn Automation

Evening Out the Playing Field

written by Chase Matthiae

John Deere AutoTrac Turn Automation

As sun and wind dry our fields this spring, we will be spending many hours in the cab preparing and seeding the soil.  Not everyone handles these hours the same, and the operators that stand out from the rest, usually have inconsistencies on the end-rows or have damaged equipment on a field edge.  John Deere AutoTrac™ Turn Automation can help make every operator your best operator. 

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation automatically guides the tractor through the optimum pass and carries out end-of-row functions at appropriate times during the sequence.  This functionality reduces input costs and reduces strain on the operator.

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation offers many benefits to the operator:

  • Ability to focus on the job, making necessary adjustments and agronomic decision on the go
  • Ability to watch the tractor and implement more closely, allowing for proactive measures rather than reactive fixes
  • Ability to more closely watch for damaging obstacles such as rocks, washouts, or holes caused by broken tile lines
  • Increased productivity through faster, more efficient, smoother end turns

All of these benefits result in more uptime for the equipment, and an operator who is more alert at the end of the day.  Eliminating operator fatigue will help your operation achieve a higher level of precision and efficiency across all acres.  Set up is simple and can be accomplished from one easy-to-use set-up page located within the AutoTrac™ Turn Automation app on a Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter™ or 4640 Universal Display.  Boundaries must be set up accurately to allow AutoTrac™ Turn Automation to function as expected. 

With AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, you can have confidence in any operator to have the ability to run a machine at the same productivity as your best operator.  The simple Generation 4 display allows for simple fine tuning of the timing, speed and shape of turn. AutoTrac™ Turn Automation is another step toward complete tractor automation. 

For more information contact your regional IS Consultant.

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