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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Getting More From Your Data

written by Riley Bricco

John Deere Connect Mobile App

Formerly known as Seedstar Mobile and Harvest Mobile, Connect Mobile is John Deere’s handheld data management solution. Connect Mobile utilizes a Wi-Fi connection created by your machine to send and store maps onto a connected Apple iPad. Maps can then be pulled up throughout the season for review of previous work and applications. Although viewing maps is the primary purpose of the Connect Mobile platform, Deere has loaded the app with other lesser known features that you can use in and out of the cab!

While planting, Connect Mobile can be configured to set singulation alarms on a row-by-row basis and bring awareness to otherwise overseen issues. These alarms can be configured and customized to assure they are always relevant to the planting task at hand. While planting, Connect Mobile can also rank the rows of your planter from best to worst regarding downforce performance. This can help diagnose seed placement issues and help ensure the best job quality.

In the sprayer, Connect Mobile can generate boom pressure maps, which are not available on the 2630 or 4600. The app then takes that pressure data in combination with the size of your spray tip and display the true droplet size in real-time.

Connect Mobile has a lot of uses in the combine too. Relative Grain Loss maps can be generated using machine data on the grain loss monitor. These maps will show high, low, and target performance as well as mark locations where new targets are set. Interactive Combine Advisor is another Connect Mobile feature in the combine. Input the conditions you see in the field and grain tank and watch as the app makes machine setting recommendations. The app can even make the adjustments for you.

Out of the cab, Connect Mobile has some other neat features.  Pull up maps for review while scouting fields and watch as the location service on your iPad shows you where you are in the field.  Imagine finding a spot where crop emergence is less than ideal.  If you look at the Connect Mobile app, you may find that the Gauge Wheel Margin was set higher than the field conditions warranted, causing late emergence.  If you find an area in the field you would like to monitor and take note of, flags can be dropped via the iPad application and synced to the Operations Center. The next time you build a setup file for a machine, you will have the ability to select that flag and load it to the in-cab display.

Connect Mobile has been available in some form or another for a few years now, but it is easy to see that the improvements and updates are continuously coming. For more information about leveraging your data with Connect Mobile, contact your R&S Integrated Solutions Consultant today!

For more information contact your regional IS Consultant.

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