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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Viewing Your Fields Profitability with AgSolver in FieldAlytics

Field Alytics

AgSolver, a new feature available in FieldAlytics allows growers to see their field in ways they never have before. AgSolver takes all the data that you have been collected throughout the year then use that to calculate the true profitability of your field, farms or complete operation. 

AgSolver is looking at things other than just did my fields yield more than they did last year but what was my fields profitability down to a 3-meter by 3-meter square? AgSolver gives growers a tool to provide answers to question about their operation like: “Does variable rate pay?” “Should I make a fungicide application?” “Which nitrogen rate makes me the most profit?” As an industry we have always contributed high yield as being successful on managing a field or farm. This is not always the case depending on the expenses it’s taking you to achieve a higher yield. With this tool you can measure success with true profitability and ROI on your dollars that are being spent.

Using the field above as an example, we see that the field made 64 bushels of soybeans to the acre. Average profit was $110.02 and the field had a strong ROI 26.7%. At the same time, we had an acreage opportunity ration of 14.3%, meaning we had 14.3% of this field that was either losing money or breaking even. This equates to $2089.60 that we’re spending and not getting a return on investment. We also can see that our breakeven price is $7.29 and based on the entered sale price for the soybeans, this field will profit $3808.61. For more information contact your regional IS Consultant.

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