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Friday, June 8, 2018

Which Lawn Mower Works BEST for You?

When it comes to deciding on a lawn mower to purchase, it can be difficult to find the right choice for yourself and your property. To assist in the process, we have come up with a few options to consider.

Standard Riding Lawn/Garden Tractor

John Deere E160

  • Riding lawn/garden tractors can turn sharp and are measured by their “uncut circle” which is the diameter of the circle of grass left uncut after completing a full circle with the mower blades on.
    • Standard two wheel steer tractors: will have an uncut circle between 18” and 32” depending on model and deck size.
    • Four wheel steer tractors: will have an uncut circle between 6” and 15” depending model and deck size.
  • They use a steering wheel which is more familiar and intuitive for many people.
  • Better at towing heavy items.
  • Tractors can be used for snow removal with snow blowers and plows and even salters and brooms
  • Great for half an acre or more of lawn (medium / large size properties).
  • Will maneuver better and hold traction better on hillsides and inclines than a zero turn.
  • Typically a tractor will hold its retail value a little longer than a zero turn.
  • Tractors can accommodate larger material collection systems than non-commercial zero turns.


John Deere Z355E

  • Most maneuverable option for mowing so they excel when there are a lot of trees, shrubs, decorative landscaping, etc. to mow around.
  • Good for all different size properties as long as the property is relatively flat.
  • Higher top speeds in general, which allows for faster mowing.
  • Can pivot 360 degrees.
  • Deck is located on the front of the tractor rather than underneath providing better visibility for tight corners.
  • More time efficient, get the results you want quicker (less trimming around trees with push mower, etc.).
  • Unable to do any snow removal.
  • Most models can support material collection systems but sometimes smaller than what tractors can offer.

Four-Wheel Steer Tractor

John Deere X584

  • Includes all of the features that the standard riding lawn tractor has but you can turn sharper.
  • Better at trimming than standard tractors but not quite as good as a zero turn.
  • Can still do all types of snow removal.
  • Can support large material collection systems.
  • Has a steering wheel instead of sticks.
  • Maintains very good retail value.
  • Performs well on hill sides and inclines.
  • Will typically get mowing done faster than a standard tractor but not always as fast as a zero turn.

Click HERE to find out what works best for you!

If you have no need to perform snow removal with your machine and have a relatively flat property, nothing will mow faster than a zero turn. If you want to be able to haul things or remove snow with your machine or have some steep inclines on your property you should put more consideration into a tractor and then decide between a standard two wheel steer or four wheel steer model based on if your property is open or if there are a lot of obstacles to mow around. No matter your situation, stop in or give us a call at your local Riesterer & Schnell and we will make sure you get the best mower for your needs!

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