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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Starfire Accuracy Upgrades Leave You Guessing

John Deere Starfire Receiver
The space between two planter passes in a field is called a Guess Row.  When looking at your planted field, you should only have a Guess of where these spaces are.  If you can easily pick out your Guess Rows, it might be time to look at upgrading the accuracy of your Starfire Receiver.  Depending on the types of crop care you provide after your crop is planted, wide and narrow guess rows may be costing you more than you think.  If you are using SF1 while planting, every pass could be off by up to nearly 6 inches!  That leaves a lot of opportunity for crop damage if a wide or narrow guess row is followed while spraying, side dressing, or harvesting.  

Today, R&S is providing a broader suite of accuracy options than ever before.  Use the featured table to learn about the levels of accuracy available for your operation!

If you need sub-inch accuracy, we offer two great RTK solutions.  We continue to offer Radio-Based RTK, which utilizes a network of towers that we manage and maintain.  We are also offering Mobile-RTK.  Mobile-RTK utilizes a JDLink Terminal to connect the receiver to a cellular network to achieve sub-inch accuracy corrections.  This solution does not require a radio, tablet, or 3rd party data plan and is available anywhere, even outside of our network of towers.  Using Mobile-RTK also eliminates the need for growers to switch between towers when moving from one area to another. Combine either RTK option with a Starfire 6000 receiver to benefit from best-in-industry RTK-Extend.  RTK-Extend locks your RTK signal in for up to 14 days from the last time corrections were received.   This allows growers to use true RTK correction outside of our network (Radio-RTK) or where cellular connection is limited (Mobile-RTK).

Starfire Accuracy

To learn more about these technology options and current specials available for upgrading your accuracy, contact your Integrated Solutions Consultant today!

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