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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ops Center Improvements

written by Eric Redeker

Ops Center Improvements

John Deere continues to make improvements to the Operations Center. The newest changes include updates to JDLink, Machine Analyzer, and Field Analyzer Beta.

JDLink Dashboard contains features that can be beneficial for day to day and monthly use. Not only does it help assure farmers are using the right size machine for the job, it also informs farmers when there are any errors or malfunctions with equipment. JDLink Dashboard can average out Engine Load Factor, Engine Speed, Fuel Rate, and Ground Speed for each piece of equipment. Engine Fuel Utilization, Fuel Tank Level, Machine Utilization, and Fuel Consumed are also available on JDLink to help farmers make informed decisions day in and day out. 

Machine Analyzer works hand in hand with JDLink to help drill down deeper into the equipment information provided. Machine Analyzer allows customized data searches that can be saved and customized for future use.

Field Analyzer Beta gives farmers the ability to see data in high definition. The incredible technology enables row-by-row visualization so that farmers can see their yields at each pass. With editable map legends users can customize how their map looks to gain insights. Finally, with the map overlays, farmers can layer one map on top of another in order to gain visual insights into the relationship between the two layers.

All these exciting new tools and technology remain free to all current Operations Center users. For more information about JDLink, Machine Analyzer, or Field Analyzer Beta, visit the tool area of the Operations Center at MyJohnDeere.com or contact your regional IS Consultant.

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