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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Welcome to the 360 Yield Center

written by Gary Grygiel

Welcome to the 360 Yield Center

Riesterer & Schnell is happy to introduce ourselves as a full-time dealer for 360 Yield Center.

360 Yield Center is a team of farmers, agronomists, and engineers who develop solutions to help you get yield increases from less inputs. Founded by Gregg Sauder, it all began with a question. How can we prevent nature and inefficiencies from negatively impacting a farm's season? After a 2012 drought caused the worst season in the history of the Sauder family farm, Gregg launched 360 Yield Center. He set out to equip his farm, and farms across the Midwest, with the tools and resources needed to make the most of every season.

While searching for new technology to help boost yields, one can’t forget about the basics – nutrient and N management. These are both key factors in yield improvement, and we need to think about them differently if we want to maximize yields. 360 Yield Center gives you control, with tools to help you precisely manage N availability from planting through mid-to-late season applications of more N when and where it’s needed.

Successful nutrient management starts with harvest and continues through tassel. Starting with a new and more efficient nitrogen strategy, called the base-plus approach to nitrogen management, 360 Yield Center has developed and tested new processes and products on their family farm. In just a few years, they’ve been able to develop tools and attachments that add value to the equipment you already own. 

Each tool introduced must meet these three criteria:
                       »  Increase yield in the most efficient way possible
                       »  Lower input costs
                       »  Has the ability to pay for itself in the first year

You are the farmer, the heart of the farm, your team of advisors are focused on creating new solutions to capture more yield, and ultimately returns, for your farm. Let us be a part of your team.

Whether or not you’ve heard of 360 Y-Drop, 360 Bandit, 360 Chainroll, or 360 Yield Saver, visit with your sales or parts
consultants to learn more about these and other 360 Yield Center products that can add value to your operation.

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