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Monday, August 5, 2019

Planting Headlands using AutoTrac

written by Alan Mehne

Planting Headlands using AutoTrac

Are all your fields straight? Do you need an option for planting headlands with AutoTrac? Try using adaptive curves.
An adaptive curve allows operators to record a manually driven path and then parallel track or AutoTrac to repeat the previous path, note I said previous path not the original path, that would be A-B Curves.

On a G4 monitor to create an Adaptive Curve track, first make sure your AutoTrac is turned on, the press you set track icon on the guidance page or your run page.  On the guidance track list select set track, new track, curve track, adaptive curve, then name you curve or accept the name given, depress ok and turn on AutoTrac. You can run from this page or go to your guidance run page, hit the record button by the “status” icon and drive your path, if you need to go around an object but wish to complete the guidance line just hit the straight track button to create a line while you go around the object. When you have completed your pass hit the end session button, turn around, press the + segment, and activate the AutoTrac with the resume switch when the guidance line appears, you have just completed an Adaptive Curve set up. If you wish to do more passes, you must record the pass you are on and each subsequent pass, you can do this manually, with the resume switch, or by work status which you need to set up in advanced settings which can be accessed by pressing the info button on top of the guidance page.

To clean up tracks if you have multiple in same field, you go to your track list highlight the one you need to delete and press the delete button or trash can. On the 2630 monitor, go to menu, GS3, Mapping, Map setting, click on guidance lines, select clean field map coverage for this field or all farm and accept.

We recommend trying this process out before you head to the field, become comfortable with it. This way it will become second nature when the heat is on. 

For more help setting up your adaptive curve, give the Precision Hotline a call anytime at (920) 264-0332

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