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John Deere 1 Family vs. Mahindra eMax

Are you having trouble deciding on a tractor that you intend to put to work? We examined the John Deere 1 family tractor vs. the Mahindra eMax. When putting these tractors side by side they may look similar. Both tractors have a diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, are 4WD and have a 3-point hitch. Once you start using these tractors on your property, you'll see a big difference between convenience and performance. In the 23 to 25 horsepower class, John Deere 1 family tractors outwork the competition.

The John Deere Difference

Mid-Mount Mower

If you are looking for a mower deck that allows quick and fast installation, John Deere is your best bet. John Deere 1 family tractors offer the AutoConnect Drive-Over Deck. To install, the operator doesn't have to leave their seat. All you must do is lower the mid-mount lift system and slowly drive over the deck ramps. The PTO shaft will connect automatically, then gauge wheels will need to be set and you are ready to mow. In comparison, the Mahindra Drive-Over Deck is much more cumbersome. After slowly driving the tractor over the deck, you would need to remove yourself from the tractor and crawl under the right and left sides. The deck must get manually aligned to the holes to re-insert a pin on each side. After, you would have to crawl under the front part of the tractor and connect the front linkage. As a final step, you would have to physically connect the PTO shaft. Anytime you switch from mowing to hard work when the deck is in the way, you would have to do these steps.

Mid-Mount Mower Lift

Both John Deere and Mahindra offer a mid-mount mower lift. What sets John Deere apart is their optional Independent Mower Lift. While pressing a button on the front console, you just pull the mower height adjustment knob to raise the deck or cutting height. If you are transporting the tractor, there is a transport lock as well.

iMatch Lift

When comparing 3-point hitch hookup, the difference between John Deere and Mahindra is the iMatch Lift. The John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch doesn't require the operator to leave their seat while attaching and detaching implements while the Mahindra lift does. While working on a large job, you will be able to save a lot of time by using the John Deere 1 family tractor.

Position Control Hitch

One of the key differences between the John Deere 1 family tractor and Mahindra eMax is John Deere's Position Control Hitch. The position of the 3-point control lever sets the position of the 3-point attachment by locking in the lever stop. This allows you to lower the implement to the same place every time. This means that you'll always have consistent tilling depth or cutting height. The Mahindra doesn't have any position control. Whenever the operator moves the 3-point lever, the attachment drops a set amount. It will take lever tapping and time to get the attachment where you want it.

Front Loader Attachments

Although John Deere and Mahindra equally have good hydraulic performance on their front-end loaders, John Deere has a better design. When removing the loader, John Deere's Quick-Park Loader has built-in parking stands that drop automatically and hold the loader steady. You only need to dismount once to disconnect the hydraulic lines. The Mahindra eMax requires multiple trips on and off the tractor to set the parking stands and remove the pins. When hooking up the loader, John Deere does not require any tools, hydraulic power does the work. On the other hand, Mahindra's hookup requires more effort and tools.

Operator Station

One of the most important parts of owning a tractor is the operator's comfort. John Deere has accommodations for big and tall people. You can push the seat back for more leg room or inward for less. For more comfortable driving, John Deere offers a tilt steering wheel and designed the floor to allow room for larger shoes. In the Mahindra, the steering wheel is fixed, the seat doesn't accommodate for tall legs or larger feet and the controls have a cramped operator experience.

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