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Take your operation to the next level of productivity and efficiency without leaving the office. Manage your operation in real-time without being in the cab. With JDLink, you can boost profits and increase uptime with machine information accessible from your office or other mobile device through Operations Center. Locate machines on the go with the JDLink app for iOS or Android devices. No need to start up your desktop, launching the app only takes a few seconds.

JDLink Connect works by combining a controller (MTG) that includes cellular communication and GPS antennas. Machine data is collected by the controller and wirelessly transferred to a data server, where it’s made available via the JDLink website.

An optional satellite modem is available for areas where cellular signals are not available or reliable. JDLink will still connect via cellular connection unless a connection cannot be established. Then JDLink will switch over to satellite mode.

For JDLink Express and JDLink Locate, a universal telematics gateway (UTG) tracks and monitors a broad array of assets, including powered and non-powered assets. These could be used with John Deere and mixed equipment fleets.

There are three levels of JDLink subscriptions:

  • JDLink Connect provides the most information to enhance management. Sending documentation from the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display, Location History, remote diagnostics, machine performance, and efficiency metrics can only be found with this offering.
  • JDLink Express focuses on some of the key information that is required for daily operation like location, engine hour usage, and alerts for unexpected movement of powered equipment or asset outside of normal working hours and boundaries. JDLink Express also allows you to proactively manage equipment maintenance and repair.
  • JDLink Locate allows the user to keep an eye on assets or equipment (both powered and non-powered) that could be easily misplaced during daily operation. A battery powered device reports location of the equipment or asset twice a day.


The JDLink App is available through iTunes® and Google Play Stores.

  • Stay informed on machine location and hours and track and analyze machine and fuel usage.
  • Protect assets with geofence and curfew alerts.
  • Keep your equipment running with maintenance tracking, preventative maintenance plans, Remote Display Access™ and Service ADVISOR™ Remote.
  • Send setup, prescription and documentation files to your operators in the field with Wireless Data Transfer.

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