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Raven AccuFlow Vortex And Raven AccuFlow Single Cooler

Raven AccuFlowTM Vortex and Raven AccuFlowTM Single Cooler

The Raven AccuFlow Single Cooler and AccuFlow Vortex systems are an essential piece of the complete John Deere nutrient application system.

The Raven AccuFlow VortexTM cooler offers increased NH3 application performance. The AccuFlow Vortex allows more application of anhydrous at faster speeds and cooler temperatures, with less weight and a smaller footprint. The pre-assembled system saves time. Raven AccuFlow Vortex uses super cooling technology to stabilize NH3 as a liquid for superior accuracy and control, all while maintaining simple cooler disassembly for easier maintenance.

AccuFlow allows the rate controller to deliver the correct amount of nitrogen exactly where it is needed.

Maximum yields are achieved when the proper amount of nitrogen is delivered into the soil, too little NH3 and the corn yield suffers, too much NH3 and the producer's yield is reduced.

  • Increases efficiency by design
  • Maximizes yield potential
  • Optional space-saver kit
  • Single, fast-valve system


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