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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Every Farmers New Best Friend

Farm Dog

Since the beginning of agriculture 10,000 years ago, man has searched for an effective way to counter the threat of pests, diseases, and weeds to his harvest. Although the days are 
getting longer, agricultural producers in our area will begin running out of daylight before we know it!  Today's modern producers are looking for ways to save time, improve communication, and keep accurate and accessible records of their operations.  The solution is easy, a new tool that collaborates with the MyJohnDeere Operations Center called Farm Dog Scout.  The Farm Dog platform empowers boots-on-the-ground field scouting with an easy-to-use mobile application. Farm Dog works with you, using the technology in your pocket to track scouting actions on your smart phone.  
Farm Dog is a cloud-based platform where your trusted advisors and staff can record observations in the field on their smart devices. The process starts in the office.  The farm manager creates a job for each scouting action they would like completed.  The job template can include scouting requirements for specific insects, diseases, or conditions.  Once it includes all desired scouting details, the manager can assign the job to the fields to be scouted.  The farm scout or agronomist in the field can now see all the scouting "jobs" that the manager has created.  While performing these "jobs", the scout can log their visits based on their GPS location and the created template.  They can also modify the job in case there are conditions not included they wish to record.  Once this field visit is completed, the data is sent back to the Farm Dog dashboard where all users can see it via their smart device or desktop.  The dashboard can be integrated with your Operations Center and all pins, markers, and notations can be seen with the corresponding date they were collected in Field Analyzer.  Sounds like you need internet to use this right, Farm Dog works just as well offline. Any observations made, reports sent, or changes made to your lists while you are working offline will automatically sync to your account once you return to connectivity. In addition, maps and GPS will also work offline.  

If you are interested in Farm Dog, every Monday and Friday at 2pm they host a webinar to demo the Farm Dog platform and highlight new features for the 2019 growing season. Visit their website Farmdog.ag and click on Join weekly demo. Farm Dog is free to use for the first user on an account.  Start using Farm Dog today by going to www.farmdog.ag and signing up.  After you get your account set up, you can download the mobile app to your smartphone or tablet by searching "Farm Dog" in the App Store or Google Play.  Use the same login credentials you created with your account to log in and get scouting!

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